Resonac Martial Arts Sports Center


Resonac Martial Arts Sports Facility

Resonac Martial Arts Sports Facility

One of the largest wooden roofs in Japan creates an expansive warm space.

Resonac Martial Arts Sports Facility is located adjacent to the Resonac Dome Oita in the Oita Sports Park.
As a base for indoor sports in Oita Prefecture, and with the following four basic principles in mind, construction was completed in April 2019.

Four Basic Principles

  • ・A center for indoor sports, capable of hosting large-scale tournaments, including martial arts competitions
  • ・A facility with easy access for all residents of the prefecture
  • ・A hub for sports tourism by hosting official Top League tournaments and training camps for national teams
  • ・A core facility to serve as a wide-area disaster prevention base in preparation for large-scale disasters

By incorporating materials produced in Oita Prefecture, such as Beppu bamboo ware, Hita furniture, and Kunisaki Shichito matgrass, into the interior, the expansive space has a calming and warm atmosphere.

The facility consists mainly of a multipurpose stadium, a martial arts dojo, and a training room that can be used for a variety of purposes, including kendo and other martial arts competitions, basketball, and volleyball. The multipurpose stadium can accommodate up to 5,000 people, and can host national tournaments, top leagues, concerts, and various other events. The park surrounding the facility also has parking for approximately 5,000 vehicles.

Structure Reinforced concrete, partial steel-framed construction, partial wood construction
Number of floors 3 floors above ground, 1 basement floor
Size 14,551.68 ㎡ (building area) / 16,125.56 ㎡ (total floor area)
Total construction cost Approximately 7.96 billion yen

The Resonac Martial Arts Sports Facility’s main facilities are listed below

  • Resonac Main Stadium

The Main Stadium serves as a center for indoor sports that can also host large-scale tournaments such as for martial arts. The 81-meter wide, 40-meter long competition space is large enough for 8 martial arts spaces such as for kendo, 4 basketball courts, or 16 badminton courts. The Stadium can provide up to 5,000 seats for spectators, including movable seats and folding chairs, depending on the layout for the event being held. the roof was built using Oita cedar and has one of the largest spans in Japan that uses natural materials. It brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the large venue.

Competition space: approx. 3,570㎡ (W81m x L40m) + open space
Effective ceiling height 12.5m (19m at center)
Maximum lighting 1,500lux
Spectator capacity approx. 5,000 (Capacity of 4,048; 2,028 fixed seats, 20 wheelchair user spaces, 2,000 movable seats)

court layout

  • Kendo

    8 spaces

  • Basketball

    4 courts


  • 入口


  • レゾナックメイン競技場(多目的競技場)

    Resonac Main Stadium

  • 観客席

    Spectator Seats

  • 貴賓室

    VIP Lounge

  • 上段の間

    Stage“Jodan no Ma”

  • 選手更衣室

    Players Changing Room

  • Resonac Martial Arts Space

The martial arts space is 100 meters long and divided lengthwise into 3 dojos which can be used in various configurations. Movable walls can be used to separate the 3 dojos, and each dojo has a stage called “Jodan no Ma” and a Master's Room The resilient steel-reinforced floor is designed to lessen the chance of competitor injuries.

Competition space approx.2,410㎡ (W 33.5m x L 24m x 3 dojo spaces)
Effective ceiling height 6.9m (11m at center)
Maximum lighting 1,000lux
Spectator capacity approx. 400 (400 fixed seats + 6 wheelchair user spaces)


  • レゾナック武道場(板)

    Martial Arts Space (wooden floor)

  • レゾナック武道場(畳)

    Martial Arts Space (tatami)

  • 観客席

    Spectator Seats

  • 上段の間

    “Jodan no Ma”

  • 師範室


  • レゾナック武道場看板

    Resonac Martial Arts Space Plaque

  • 鏝絵(こてえ)

    Kote-eh Plaster Relief

  • Training Room

This room features the latest in training equipment. A kids room is also available for parents. (The kids room can only be used with adult supervision.)

Hours of operation 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Eligible guests Junior high school students and older (*Junior high school students may use free weights only when accompanied by an instructor.)
Closed Thursdays (or the following day if Thursday is a national holiday)
End of year and New Year's holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 3)
*No admittance if the entire building is reserved for a tournament or other events.
Pricing Adults 360 yen per person per 2 hours.
Junior high and high school students 180 yen per person per 2 hours
*11 ticket booklet, adults 3,600 yen, junior high and high school students 1,800 yen
Those with a verified physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate are exempt from payment.
Notes Lockers in the changing rooms are 100 yen coin return lockers; please have 100 yen coins on hand.
Please wear workout clothes and indoor shoes.
Please store your valuables at your own risk and take precautions to prevent them from getting stolen.

Entrance“Koryu no Doma”

There are benches made using local Kunisaki woven straw and furniture made in Hita. Hallways and walls are decorated with bamboo accents provided by the Beppu Bamboo Products Cooperative.

Floor Plan